Auto insurance-Ontario parties pre-election manifesto

Major political parties of Ontario proposed their action plan about auto insurance in Ontario and what people’s anticipation from parties if they should be elected.


The Liberals say the auto insurance rate would be reduced 8% by August 2014 and 15% by August 2015. But their budget does not reflect to achieve their objectives. They remark “Automobile Insurance Transparency and Accountability Report” indicates auto insurance would increase without these reforms. They introduced Bill 171, the “Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act, 2014” to protect customers from deceit, abuse, obstruction for rate reductions and an opportunity for dispute resolution. The bill was failed to pass but liberals promised the bill will be introduced again if liberals elect.

In order to implement the “Automobile Insurance Transparency and Accountability Report” liberals appointed independent third party. They will assess the auto industry’s efforts to lower cost for drivers and insurers.

New Democratic Party:

In 2013, the NDP was partner of the Liberals and the Liberals government committed NDP to reduce the auto insurance rate by 15%. But liberals haven’t kept their promise and drivers did not see any reduced rate. The NDP argues that it would more transparent for rate setting and would set up a mechanism for an average rate change target of 15% by June 2015.

Progressive Conservatives:

They think the auto insurance rate is high in Ontario. They recommend forfour key areas of reform: wipe out bureaucracy, fraud prevention, effective dispute resolution and accountability of insurers to their customers. The PC recommends an enhanced private dispute resolution system that would reduce the cost and make the process easier. An effective dispute resolution system requires for more reforms than PC’s action plan. However, they would establish an independent peer-medical assessment system to make consistent the procedures.

Conservatives want to completely remove difficult official procedures for effective competitive rates of auto insurance in the marketplace. They are committed to using the Health Claims to identify fraud and would ask the crown prosecutor’s office to prosecute fraud. They would increase accountability for senior official’s conduct in insurance companies. Three major parties announced their manifesto regarding auto insurance rates of Ontario and the goal of the parties’ action plans are to reduce rates, accountability and fraud prevention.

Sajal Chowdhury is a Paralegal student at Centennial College in Toronto studying professional communications with Omar Ha-Redeye.

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