The three parties in the government all have their view on how they have tried to make changes to the automobile insurance that we here in Ontario are subjected to on a regular basis.

The Liberals

I read in an article written by Willie Handler that the liberal party in Ontario has been in discussion over insurance rates for some time. They have estimated in their budget that the average rates will be 8% lower by August 2014 and 15% lower by August 2015 however these figures are just on paper in a report and do not seem to express any real view on reality. The Liberal party appears to have utilized money to introduce Bill 171 suggesting an initiative to involve dispute resolution system (DRS) to catch cases of fraud. My question is how do the liberals believe that by spending money on Task Forces, which will only increase the expense account, help Ontarians to reduce insurance rates that we pay. Is it not logical that if they spend money they will not  be in a position to reduce fees for insurance. We must assume that they collect money from the Insurance companies which generates profit for the Insurance companies thus generating income for the government. All I see is that the Liberals are preparing reports (which costs money), analyzing them and making no changes what so ever to benefit the people.

The New Democratic Party

The NDP’s position on reducing auto insurance is a positive one in which they claim that they would reduce rates by 15%. However they have not made any suggestion as to how they will do that and it would appear to be a statement of ideas instead of a statement in fact. As those in the Law profession and those entering the Law profession know all too well only statements of facts can be considered as substantive. It’s not at all clear to me as a consumer that the NDP is in any position to set out such an outrageous offer to the public. I see it clearly as a bid for votes and unless they can show me in a methodical way what their plan is they will not get my vote.

The Progressive Conservatives

The PC party has a much more structured approach to the problem of high auto insurance rates which are clearly outlined in their proposal for reforms. They wants to eliminate red tape, combat fraud, have accountability to customers and make the DRS more effective. They plan to move from a rate approval process to a file-and-use system which in other jurisdictions the file-and-use system has been abandoned after a 10 year increase in insurance rates. I believe over all the Conservatives have a well structured plan.

I would like to leave you with this final thought;  do we need to spend needless amounts of our money trying to develop a plan to cut costs?

A. Small is a Paralegal student at Centennial College in Toronto studying professional communications with Omar Ha-Redeye.

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