Ontario Parties’ Platforms on Auto Insurance

The Liberals hope to reduce auto insurance rates by 8% commencing August 2014 and another 15% by August 2015. The average rate of auto insurance has been reduced by 5.6% concluding the first quarter of 2014. The Fighting Fraud and Reducing Automobile Insurance Rates Act, 2014 was passed by the Liberals in March of 2014. The Bill outlines a number of ways to reduce auto insurance and ways to combat insurance fraud. The Liberals are pushing for an investigation and prosecution office which will ensure that those who commit insurance fraud are briskly investigated and prosecuted as the evidence permits. In addition, The Liberals are encouraging insurance companies to offer more usage-based insurance packages that give discounts to safe drivers.

The New Democratic Party has urged the Liberal government in 2013 to lessen the cost of insurance by 15%. .In their view, the Liberals government have put forth minimal efforts to accomplish this. As a result, consumers have yet to witness any drastic reductions in their auto insurance. The NDP believe that the rate-settings of insurance premiums should be very apparent, and customers should have a hand in calculating these premiums.

The Progressive Conservatives concur with the Liberals and the NDP that auto insurance is extremely costly. The Progressive Conservatives recommends improving the four key elements. The PC party believes that independent insurance mediators should be sought out and utilized as this will accelerate and decrease insurance rates. They believe the auto insurance industry should deviate from the rate approval process and develop a file-and-use system. Likewise, the PC party agrees that more discounts should be made available to customers. Similar to the view of the Liberals, the Progressive Conservatives believes that a distinctive Crown Attorney office should be developed with the sole purpose of prosecuting insurance fraudsters. In order to apprehend insurance fraudsters, the PC party propose utilizing the Health Claims for Auto Insurance billing system.


Rashida Forbes is a Paralegal student at Centennial College in Toronto studying professional communications with Omar Ha-Redeye.

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